Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS)


KIM SUN-YOUNG has been the President of Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) since 2015. KAMS, a public organization sponsored by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, supports and promotes the country’s visual and performing arts related to international exchange and offers diverse research, consulting and education programs for those in the arts scene in an attempt to boost the competitiveness of the Korean arts in the global market. From 2012, Kim served as the director of the Industry Division at the Gyeonggi Content Agency and from 1991, he worked as a producer and director at numerous broadcasting companies including Educational Broadcasting System, Donga TV and JEI TV. Under these circumstances, he made great efforts to globalize the cultural industry with his media production and diverse arts projects. Such activities carried out by him are expected to greatly contribute to KAMS’ development and to its reputation as a stronghold of the Korean arts’ sustainability and vitality. He is also the executive director of various cultural programs organized on the occasion of the Korea-France Year 2015-2016.